The V1College  Internship Program

Our internship program is designed for those between the ages of 18-24. What you will get is not only a Theological and Ministerial education but an experience that you’ll take with you for the rest of your life. Choose from our Chicago or New York City regions to get started. 

Values that lead us



The internship will help you to discover your calling and where God may be leading you. This will come in the form of meeting with your mentor one to one in real-life situations and observing how you adjust during the process.



Not only will you discover who you are in Christ but will continue to develop your gifts under the mentorship of our professors. This will happen not only in the lecture room but in the laboratory we call the church.



Once you have understood your calling, now you will be well equipped to move forward into your commission That can be within a full-time ministry context or secular workplace environment to be a Christ-centered leader.

Our Mentors

Mike Signorelli
Edwin Perez
Josh Hamstra
The V1 College Internship process

How It Works

01 Make a Decision

The first step is always the hardest to take. It requires faith and commitment to see the God-sized vision. Fill out the form and one of our mentors will be contacted you for a follow-up interview. Choose the location of the internship you wish to attend. Once that process is completed, you will be contacted if you're considered for the program.

02 Budget and Strategize

Once you decide which location you will attend, now its time to make the provisions to take your next steps. This is a one year commitment so planning your finances in advance is crucial If you need assistance with accommodations, contact us. Begin to raise funds, seek local sponsorship or even fundraising can help.

03 Do the Work

Not only will you be mentored by some of the leading influencers and biblical scholars but you will be right in the middle of it. This is a transformational journey that will help you to become what you're created to be.

04 Finish the Race

After the end of your program, you will have the opportunity to take what you've learned into the many different areas of your vocational calling. We will also help you in seeking employment once you've successfully completed the program.

Become what You’re Created For!

The first step for those between the ages of 18-24 is to fill out the form below to be considered for our V1 College Internship program. 

Program Overview

Together, we build
Big People

Here are just some of the many ways that you will get a firsthand education and biblical foundation as an intern at V1 College. 

School Credit

As an intern, you will receive 1 year of our Tier Level program while you are active.

Community Outreach

You will have the chance to partner with our 501c3 organizations to reach the community as the hands and feet of Jesus.


One of our mentors will be with you throughout your entire program. Glean and learn from our leadership who have extensive experience in the ministry field.

Campus Operations

You will understand what it means to help lead a muti-campus site and take ownership of some of the task.

Team Development

Our teams will push you into your purpose as you facilitate and lead others during your enrollment.


Get firsthand teaching in conjunction with the staff and learn the inside out of what it takes to grow and be equipped.

From Calling into Commission

Theology and Christian Ministry

It’s more than a calling, it’s a commission to be the salt and light to the world. Develop as a Christian leader into your next season and feel confident in your ability to do so with our V1 College Internship Program. It’s hand designed so you can reach your full potential in Christ. 

What are you waiting for?

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Space is limited between our 2 campus locations and only a hand-selected group of interns will be accepted. Will that be you?!