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An unapologetic Bible College building the next generation of Christlike leaders. Since 2017, we have had over 400 students graduate from our programs and become what they are created for. We believe in having a solid biblical foundation expressed in the supernatural lifestyle Christ has called us into.

The mission and vision of our institution is so that you can fulfill your calling within the kingdom of God. Your purpose functions in who you are in Christ. Our lectures are saturated with an incarnational methodology that brings the good news to hurting people. A graduate of V1 College will learn lessons for a lifetime.

Courses We Offer

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Online Programs

We have a brand NEW online experience that consists of 3 programs. Click the video and let our dean explain it more to you.

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available on most mobile, desktop and tv devices

classes at your own pace

courses are divided into small segments to fit your lifestyle



Each program of study helps to facilitate a learning environment that enables you for a God-sized purpose.


Our programs are designed to help you discover your gifts so you can impact the world around you.


Our students have traveled the world, fulfilling their vocation and calling to become what they’re created for.

Why V1 College?

Because we provide a hands on no frills approach to theology that is centered on Christ in the real world. Each course is leadership driven that stretches your calling into the next level!